Tub and Shower For Elderly People

When it comes to making changes to the bathroom, the most commonly proposed are the addition of a tub and shower for seniors. This is particularly so when the senior in question may already be experiencing physical limitations that make other simpler and more manageable tasks difficult or impossible. The result is a more independent senior citizen who no longer relies on anyone to help him get in and out of his tub or shower. This also helps to improve the quality of life for the elderly person, as he can spend time relaxing in his tub and shower for his own pleasure and once again escape into a world that is free of restrictions.

There are many options available when remodeling a bathroom for a special purpose. For example, there are the walk-in tub and shower for the elderly and there are many models available that will suit any budget. The walk-in tub and shower for seniors have a door installed on its side for easy access, making it accessible to people with disability. Also it does not have an upper rim, which is more suitable for older and weaker people.

A tub and shower for elders that has a seat in place over it can also be used by someone who is chair bound. This chair can be specially adapted to allow an elderly person to sit while bathing or showering. It can either be made of strong and durable materials or be designed with a soft cushion. This seat can be easily wiped clean. There are also special chairs that have adjustable seats and can be adjusted at various heights to accommodate different people.

There are also the tub and shower for the elderly that include a hand held shower head that comes with a seat. This allows the elderly to sit down as well as standing up in the tub. It also adds a safety factor to the tub. Elderly people find it difficult to move around from a standing position. This helps them to regain their mobility. If the tub is equipped with a hand held shower head, the elderly can control the water’s temperature with a simple motion of their arm.

Another senior bathtub and shower for the elders are the tub and shower with a walk-in tray. This type of tub is convenient as it allows the user to take a bath without taking the bathtub along. The walk in tub has a seat and can be used like a sitting tub. It is equipped with a hand held shower head. The tub and shower for the elders include a special attachment called the leg rest. This attachment is designed in such a way that it helps the user to get the best possible relaxation.

It is quite possible to have all the features of a tub and shower for elders in the remodeling of a bathroom. It may be a bit expensive to install a tub and shower for a disabled person, but the benefits that one gets is worth the price. As the disabled people live in a particular age, they do not have the same facilities like other people. If you want to provide them with a comfortable bath tub and shower at an affordable price, visit Luxury Bath Technologies.